Making the right decision for your business might seem hard, same applies to new and intending website owners who want to hire a good web design company.

Breaking Myths

Web development and website design are not same: yes a website developer and a website designer are two different skills and activities;

Web development is the process of creating a website that does various things. These Websites have various designations some require a login, others provide e-commerce services such as a shopping online or online payments, etc. Whatever it is you want to have or service you want to provide on the internet can be created by a professional web developer.

Web design is the art of designing an already created website or web page layout for the best user experience and often times designing a website can involve using a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and the list goes on to provides the best outlook for the website.

Web Design

With this spelt out we can continue, though some people use the words interchangeably they are not same. Except one has both skills one cannot be a web developer and web designer as well.

Since defining web development and web design, it will be good to also define a web builder, a web builder can refer to tools that are used in setting up or constructing websites with zero knowledge in coding e.g. wix, Go daddy, word press etc.

If this is making sense, let’s move on!!!

How to choose a good web design company

If you have a web design company that has at least 70% of the items on this checklist covered then you are good hands.

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